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Sunday, 23 September 2018
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  • An Education Beyond the Future



              Jumrus Wittaya School aims to become an international organization of learning, where its students are excellent in academic, behavior and moral, who follow the Principle of Sufficient Economy, preserve Thai tradition and custom, possess competency to use technology; and to create a knowledgebase, in preparation for ASEAN Community’s initiation.



1.          Provide each and every level of education under the given national quality standard of education.

2.          Develop its courses to be most up to date and ready for ASEAN Community’s initiation.

3.          Promote and support student to possess both good moral and ethics, who preserves Thai tradition and customer, inherits local wisdom and accept and implement the Principle of Sufficient Economy in his living.

4.          Develop its teacher under the given standard and professional ethics/

5.          Develop its internal quality guarantee system by implementing principle of participation.

6.          Create good relationship and reinforce community’s trust and confidence in the school.

7.          Develop both teacher and student to be competent and fluent in communicating in English.

8.          Promote both teach and student to continuously share and improve their knowledge.