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            59 หมู่ 1 ต.คำพราน อ.วังม่วง จ.สระบุรี  18220


     036-359030, 083-9991396






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Thursday, 21 June 2018
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  • An Education Beyond the Future


School’s identity

Graceful Greeting under Thai Manner


 This means students of Jumrus Wittaya School should be humble and greet other people by the Wai, in accordance with Thai manner.


School’s trait

Good behavior and well-mannered


 This means once student has follow the school’s identity, they will people of good behavior, who behave themselves under appropriate disciplinary framework and well-versed on how to conduct, whether while they are inside the school or other society.


School’s philosophy

Well-studied, Well-behaved, Good moral


              Well-studied means students of Jumrus Wittaya School are ready and determined to study, as well as prioritized study first.

              Well-behaved means students of Jumrus Wittaya School are behaving under appropriate disciplinary framework.

              Good moral means students of Jumrus Wittaya School are persons who have good common – elementary moral and ethics.