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Sunday, 23 September 2018
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  • An Education Beyond the Future

History of Jumrus Wittaya School

              Jumrus Wittaya School is a medium-sized, private, general education school. It is the only private school of Wung Muang District and locates at 59/1, Lopburi – Wung Muang Road, Kum Pran Subdistrict, Wung Muang District of Saraburi. The school was found by Kamnan Sair Muaklek and he used his wife’s name, Mrs. Jumrus, as school’s name. Jumrus means ‘prosperity’ and ‘Wittaya’ means knowledge; hence became the school’s name, Jumrus Wittaya School.

              Founding of Jumrus Wittaya School was approved in 1967, pertaining to certificate No. 3/2510, dated August 15th 1967. Originally, school provided

education from 1st – 4th grade. Mr. Sair Muaklek was certificate’s holder and Mr. Parian Boonwhan was its headmaster. It had 120 students and 5 teachers and provided education in 2 stories wooden building, the school’s first building. The school has been under ongoing development and improvement ever since.

              Nowadays, Jumrus Wittaya School provides education of 3 levels, namely, kindergarten, elementary education and junior high school education. It now has 5 buildings, namely, Muaklek Memorial Building, Muaklek Thitichote Building, Jumrus Thitichote Building, Thanawat Building and Kindergarten School Building. It has 35 classrooms in total, including 11 classrooms for kindergarten class, 18 classrooms for elementary education class and 6 classrooms for junior high school class. Moreover, the school also has some other special rooms, such as, library, Jarmjuri Conference Room, Laboratory, Computer Laboratory, Academic Room, Learning Media Center, Students’ Portfolio Room, Art Class, Audiovisual Room, Music Room, School Bank, Language Course Learning and Herbal Garden.